A Holistic Approach to Singing, Vocal Health and Wellbeing.

Your body is your instrument

Would you take greater care of your body & voice if you had purchased them at great cost like a Steinway or Stradivarius?

Your body is your instrument. There are many ways in which singers need to care for themselves, including optimal hydration, exercise, rest, relaxation and attending to general wellbeing and equilibrium.

We sing with our whole selves and if any part of that self is unnecessarily tense, overworking or conversely, disengaged; our voice is affected and our creative potential diminished.

I am delighted to be able to recommend the following practitioners to you – all experts in their field. Each may be able to assist you to function optimally and to manage and care for your precious body and instrument.

Rachael Cunningham – Vocal Ease Massage

Daniella Ehrlich –  Aria Pilates

Cesar Gonzales – Therapeutic Masseur

Catherine Hamber – Feldenkrais Sydney

Dr Cate Madill – Speech Pathologist

Daniel Novakovic – ENT

Michael Solano – Osteopath

Francesca White – Australian Feldenkrais Guild (Melbourne based)

Leonardo Da Vinci

It has been such a joy to work with you learning the operatic 'ropes'. The all-important stage skills you've passed down with great passion and conviction have helped me become the artist I am. You have been a fantastic, supportive, truly 'hands-on' mentor. I truly admire your passion for the art, and the wonderful work you do with young singers. Thank you Christine!


Its been such a great pleasure working with you and to learn from a director who is also a singer! Thank you for believing in me.